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Self-Defense, Education,and Prevention is a Shield of Safety & Awareness

Self-Defense Programs

What is Self-Defense?
Self-Defense is a comprehensive course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance. Self Defense teaches Positive thinking, Spotting trouble & defending yourself against harm. Each course that is taught is geared towards the average person with no training. Each course teaches the student (s) basic hands-on defense training and awareness.

Why Self-Defense Education?

Children: Abduction, Bullying and School Violence, Child Abuse and Neglect, Sexual Assault
In one-study, 80% of students in grades 8-12 and 90% of students in grades 4-8 responded that they have been bullied at some point in their school careers. (Hoover, Oliver & Hazler,1992; Hoover, Oliver & Thompson,1993)

Women: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Abused
Females are more likely to be a victimized by someone they
Approximately 68% of rape victims knew their assailant. [Violence against Women. Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Dept. of Justice, 1994]
Rape and sexual assault are the exception; females were raped at a rate about eight times that of males.

Young adults: Physical Violence, Bullying
Students age 12 through 18 were victims of about 186,000 serious violent crimes at school, and about 476,000 away from school

Seniors: Abused, Neglected, Physical Violence
In almost 90% of elders abuse and neglect incidents that occur with a known perpetrator, the perpetrator is a family member and two- thirds 2/3 of perpetrators are adult children or spouses

Men: Physical Violence Sexual Abused
Men are more likely to be victimized by stranger,

44% of male students in grade 9 through 12 reported they had been in a physical fight in the last 12 months

Self-Defense Course for Men & Women

SAFE-12 step-logo Self-defense Awareness & Familiarization Exchange(S.A.F.E.)
This a 2 hour program that is designed to educate women on how to become aware of their surroundings and how to protect themselves from becoming a victim of a crime. It provides a 20 min. DVD combined with self defense tactics to enhance and promote awareness and familiarization. This program is designed for ALL WOMEN of ALL FITNESS LEVELS & ALL AGES.

logo Women Empower Yourself: Think Smart & Be SAFE
This 2 ½ hour program for women will help them have awareness and consciousness of sexual assault and domestic violence prevention. A brochure is given to every woman with informational tips. In addition, this program is designed to empower women and educate women on self defense strategies that are available to protect themselves from being a victim of a crime. Lastly they will learn basic self-defense tactics and safety tips. This program is also designed for ALL WOMEN of ALL FITNESS LEVELS & ALL AGES.