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Self-Defense, Education,and Prevention is a Shield of Safety & Awareness



Think smart, be safe! “I absolutely loved this program. It was carried out by Jeffrey Edwards and in my opinion it was very helpful and informative. I had about ten residents attend the program and although many did not want to attend initially, they ended up enjoying it as much as I did. I would definitely recommend any young lady to attend a session like this because even though it may seem like is not something you already know; it actually turns out to be very educational and informative. I will definitely have Mr. Edwards do another program like this for my residents next year.”-20 year old female from Barry


“After taking the RAD class, I left the class feeling mentally prepared and more confident in my abilities to overcome an aggressor. As a person that has been put in that situation, I can honestly say that everyone should take these classes!" -23 year old female Grad student from Barry University.


“The RAD Self-Defense class has been a great learning experience. This class has taught me more about feeling confident when it comes to protecting myself if necessary. The instructors are well trained and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend this class to my female family members and friends. RAD is very beneficial and should be around for years to come."-20 year old female college student.


“Very thoughtful and insightful” and “Very beneficial” and “He (Jeff) involved the crowd which was a plus” and “ Great speaker. Gave Great examples and lots of useful information”

         -Comments from four male university football players on a “True Soldier Stands Up.”

“They should announce this for the whole school to hear it. Very good job!”

-College basketball player on a “True Soldier Stands Up.”


“I learned that there are plenty of other women with similar struggles.”

           -19 year old female college student.


“I am a survivor of sexual assault and this helped me realize others do that because of anger. I ultimately did nothing wrong…I felt that because I am a women I am weak. Now I feel empowered. It’s really an eye opener”

-31 Female graduate student after attending “Fight like a Warrior”

“ Maureen and Jeff really cared & are very interested in helping empower women…made me feel very comfortable, helpful info given!”

           -21 year old female college student after attending a seminar on sexual assault prevention.


When I took RAD I was attending Barry’s ACE Program at night.  Standing at the bus stop on NE 2nd Avenue at 9:45 at night going downtown to 8th Street Arena Towers.  Really feeling uneasy waiting for the bus and walking a block home. So I took RAD, well I want to tell you because of Jeff’s teaching me the techniques of RAD, I was able to feel a lot more comfortable waiting for the bus and walking.  I wasn’t look around scared anymore.  I was aware but had the techniques and tools that I could use to protect myself.

I suggest any woman to take this course if offered; it will help you as it even helps me today.

-S.D.S., 61


“Very informative. Should have it again.”

           -College football player on a “True soldier Stands Up”



“I feel more confident in myself”

          -21 year old college female sexual assault survivor after attending “Fight Like a Warrior”


“Three out of five college women experience sexual assault under the influence of drugs or alcohol. More than 97,000 of adults between the ages of 18 and 24 have been victims of alcohol related sexual assault; and more than 100,000 women have been too intoxicated to know if they consented to having sexual intercourse. Seeing these numbers can scare any women, I had no clue that the numbers were so high and I never thought that something like this could happen to me. I’m so happy that I attended this meeting. I learned so much information on how to be more careful; I also learned some basic moves and procedures that could help me if I were ever in that situation.”

–Anonymous first year college student after attending “Women Warriors Fight Back”. 


“He (Jeff) was very effective and informational for all of us. Great job!”

-College football player on “A True Soldier Stands Up.”


“The RAD program was a boost to my self esteem and assisted me in realizing how much I lacked information and realistic possibilities of what could happen in my surroundings.  By attending the RAD class I not only see myself as someone who can protect themselves if the time comes but, I can also protect my family my using the tips learned in class.  Because of the RAD program I am more alert and conscious of what I am doing and how I am doing it; especially while shopping, running errands, and even walking from the parking lot to my office when arriving to work.  The RAD program is something that every woman should experience.  I will always use my RAD training in my everyday life and intensely encourage other woman to do the same.  Trust me; it can save your life!”

-A.F., 34 years old, Miami, FL align="center">______________________________

“I feel stronger. I have more self-esteem.” “Great people who presented!”

         -18 year old female college student and survivor of sexual assault commented on both Maureen and Jeff after attending “Fight Like a Warrior.”


“There were two people instructing the meeting; they also teach self-defense classes called RAD which is also given in the school. They made us understand sexual battery, how a victim would feel and act. They also explained the Florida definition of consent… They also explain in a guy’s point of view and all the things that men assume that leads to sexual intercourse… They also explain some male behaviors; such as, the watcher: who would watch you the entire night, or the flirt: who tries to get your attention and try to get you drunk…They gave us some steps that we could follow if we were going out with a new guy to tell someone were you were going and with who, or if we were to go out jogging not to have the headphones on so loud and have it only in one ear… They gave us an understanding that we use the moves to try and get away and not to beat up the person…Overall it was great and I met a lot of girls from the school and I plan on taking the self-defense class next semester.”

–Anonymous first year college student after attending “Fight Like A Warrior” 


“The RAD program has given me the peace of mind to live alone. While I attended Barry University; I lived away from family and friends. Attending RAD gave the tools I needed to move off-campus and start my adult life with security. I practice my RAD skills daily by keeping aware of my surroundings. I review the physical and mental tactics given in my guidebook monthly. So far, I have not had to use my moves on an attacker but thanks to RAD I am positive that I will leave any encounter safely with my life.”

- Senior University Student on RAD.